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Indonesia paper products manufacturers were relieved, because market access of Indonesian printing paper and writing paper can again enter Turkey, after the Turkish government formally discontinued trade safeguard investigation on the product. This decision in the result of a final report summary announced on August 28, 2015.

“It’s good opportunity for Indonesia manufacture exporters of printing and writing paper to take advantage of export market share in Turkey so that Indonesia exports will increase”, said Acting Director General of Foreign Trade. Karyanto Suprih in Jakarta, Monday (September 7). The Turkish government’s decisions was taken to stop the safeguard investigations on printing and writing paper products based on considerations of the national interests or Turkey on input from customers and user industries, and the losses as a result of these imported products not being found.

Safeguard investigations for printing and writing paper stated since June 21, 2014 on the request of 3 largest paper manufacturers in Turkey, namely Ve-Ge Hassas Kagit Ve, Alkin Kagit Sanayi, and the Kombassan Kagit Matbaa. The products included in the investigation are classified. HS code 4802.; 4802.; 4802.; 4802.; 4802.; 4802.; 4802.; 4802.; and 48802.

Early, the Turkish government undertakes safeguard investigation because it is motivated by alleged occurrence of losses of domestic industry due to a surge in imports of printing and writing paper. The market share of exports of Indonesian printing and writing paper to Turkey during this time is 6 – 10% of the Turkey from all over the world.

The growth trend of bilateral in 2010 – 2014 was recorder a growth of 16.6% per year and reached USD 2.47 billion in 2014. Indonesia has a surplus in its bilateral trade balance with Turkey.

Indonesia is one of the leading pulp and paper producers in the world, where pulp industry is ranked 9th and paper industry occupies the 6th position. While in Asia it ranks 3rd for the national pulp and paper industry.

“It is expected that the industrial sector, particularly the pulp paper industry that has a competitive advantage, can play a role in mobilizing national development. “Said Minister of industry Saleh Husin. The application of industry standard that focuses on efficiency of energy, eco-design and low-carbon technologies is required with the global of increasing productivity and minimizing waste.

At present, the installed capacity of the national pulp and paper industry reached 7.93 million tons/year for pulp 12.98 million tons/year for paper with production realization of 6.4 million tons/year for pulp and 10.4 tons/year for paper. Meanwhile, export performance of pulp and paper reached 3.50 million tons for paper with a value of USD 3.75 billion. While, pulp and paper imports reached 1.62 million tons for paper with a value of USD 1.36 billion.

The Ministry of Industry continues to develop the national pulp paper industry in order to continue to be competitive in facing the free trade, This in consistent with the objectives of industrial sector development by strengthening of industrial structure that produced high value-added, globally competitive and environmentally sound products.

 ̋It is expected that the industrial sector, particularly the pulp paper industry that has a competitive advantage, can have more contribution in mobilizing the national development, said Minister of Industry Saleh Husin. (E)

Business New - September 11, 2015

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