Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was a nonprofit organization which promote responsible management of product certification was already used all over the world, the only one acknowledged by Green Peace and WWF.

Today FSC Standardization was already applied to promote responsible forest management and was already applied on 184 million hectares of forest all over the world involving 29,000 companies. “Meaning 29,000 companies had produced green wood and paper, appreciated people’s right and checked the origin of raw materials,” said Hartono Prabowo, FSC Representative in Indonesia.

Today in Indonesia there were only 200 companies and 2 million ha of forestry already FSC Certified. Therefore measures had been taken to increase the number, among others by approaching the consumers to induce awareness and encourage them to demand companies to be FSC certified. In Indonesia the products already certified were Tetra Pak, the Kotak and Tessa tissue.

Separately Bambang Hendroyono, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Forestry stated in Indonesia the mandatory certificate was SVLK for products using wood as raw meterials, while it was compulsory to manage forest conservation.

Certification by foreign NGO like FSC Indonesia was welcome but it should only be voluntary. “The government do not insist producers to certify their products, but they whish to do it for marketing purpose, by all means, do it. Without SVLK certification the wood products are not marketable” he said.

Whatever was being done by NGO, as long as it was not against the Law, was not forbidden; but if it was beyond the limit Like Indonesia Pledge on Palm Oil where forest already cleared by the Government was regarded as destruction to the environment, it was not acceptable. “The country is ruled by the Government, not by NGO” (SS) 

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