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Commission II of House asked the State Secretariat to increase Non Tax Income (PNPB) in the following years. In 2014 PNPB realization of the State Secretariat exceeded Target by 140,37%. This was one of the conclusions of Technical Meeting of Commission II of House and the Minister of State’s Secretary represented by Secretary Setya Utama and Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung to discuss Financial Report by the Central Government of budget year 2014 in Jakarta on Monday (24/8).

In his report the Secretary of State Secretariat Surya Utama explained that in budget management of 2014 for Non Tax Income by estimate of Kemensetneg 2014 amounting to more than Rp.258 billion until December 31 2014 was posted at more than Rp.362 billion.

Meanwhile budget realization of Kemensetneg until December 31, 2015 was realized Rp.2,003 trillion or 85.23% of allocated budget amounting to Rp.2,350 trillion. Budget realization of 85.23% was among others due to Austerity Plan in nearly all activities by the working team in the State Secretary. Besides there was also multiplication of goods or services and capital at the value of less than the allocated budget.

The next was end of office of members of Presidential Consultative Council in October 2014, causing salaries expenditure and operational fund not being realized. Furthermore there was budget absorption from LPSK teamwork, the size of which depended on the number of cases, case area and handling need by witness or victim to be protected.

Commission II of House also appreciated the Cabinet Secretary who had the opinion of WTP by BPK RI in regard to Financial Report 2014; whilst to the Ministry of State Secretariat who had the opinion of WTP with explanatory paragraph, commission II of House had asked the State Secretariat to immediately follow up the points being findings of BPK in relation to Financial Report 2014.

Previously Cabinet Scretary Pramono Anung reported that BPK had examined financial report of Cabinet Secretary of 2014 consisting of balance Sheet of December 31, 2014 and Notation on Financial Report. Financial Report was the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary; BPK’s responsibility was based in report in accordance with examination outcome.

In addition to that, in accordance with Financial Report of Setkab 2014 in was set up and presented according to Government Regulation no 71 year 2010 in Standard Accountancy (SAP). Balance sheet Setkab per December 31, 2014, Report in Budget Realization 2014 and nation of Financial Report was presented the normal way in all material cases so Setkab had the opinion of WTP

Meanwhile Secretary of Kemensetneg Setya Utama was expecting financial management of 2015 and onward they could continue institutional empowerment to support President’s constitutional task of high quality. To prove the effort, e-Government practices would be expended by use of IT to enhance productivity, transparence and accountability in performing task. (SS)

Business News - August 28, 2015

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