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As one of the efforts of the Ministry of Trade to increase market shares of Indonesian coffee in the world, Taiwanese buyer through Tour de Coffee Forum, was invited to travel around East Java and Bali in the middle of this month. Based on information obtained by head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (KDEI) to Taipei Taiwan, Arif Fadhillah, the activity organized by KDEI to Taipei is in collaboration with the Taiwan Coffee Association, won a contract with an estimated value of USD 11.5 million. His party is optimistic that there will be an increase in Indonesia’s coffee exports directly to Taiwan in 2015 and 2016.

“Entrepreneurs are more familiar with the region of origin of the coffee bought. This method effectively increased coffee exports to Taiwan, “said Arif Fadhillah. Taiwan coffee buyer delegation led by Head of Trade Division, Ikhwan Aman, began its activity by one-on-one meting with 11 Indonesian coffee exporters as members of Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (GAEKI) of East Java.

This meeting took place at the office of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of Export Training and Promotion Center (P3E), Surabaya, East Java. The delegation was also invited to observe the location of Arabica coffee farming in PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) XII in Jampit, Bodowoso, East Java, at an attitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. The Taiwanese coffee buyer took part in the monitoring of coffee harvesting, sorting of picked coffee cherries, coffee processing, up to drying process until reaching a 12% moisture level.

In PTPN XII, buyers also had the opportunity to see how a civet cat selects good quality coffee. To complete this series of activities, a cupper is held, led by PTPN XII cupper, Dedi Setiadi, with the results: good body, good acidity, chocolate smell and state.

At the end of the visit, the buyer was given a sample of green bean coffee. “Besides that they are impressed with the coffee plantation management and coffee processing, Taiwanese coffee buyers are interested in doing transaction directly with PTPN XIII, considering that they are using a third party,” he explained.

Geographical Indications of Kintamani Coffee

On the tour to coffee plantations in Kintamani, Bali, foreign buyers witnessed that the plantation is managed by 64 coffee farmers groups and marketed by the Society for the Protection of Geographical Indications (MPIG). Taiwanese buyers are shown the process of harvesting, sorting, washing and draying of coffee which produces 3 types of coffee, i.e. organic standards, taste of honey (being washed one-time process) and acid (dried with the skin without being washed). The visit ended with cupping led by Ketut Jati and produces good body, good acidity (medium), citrus and caramel smell, and chocolate taste.

Ketut Jati also gives samples of green bean coffee to the buyer. The next day, a one-on-one meeting is held with 6 Indonesian coffee entrepreneurs at the office of Industry and Trade Agency of Bali Province. The tour ends in coffee exporting company, Niraa Bali Coffee in Denpasar and Seniman Coffee Industries in Ubud owned by a British businessmen who married a Taiwanese woman.

Tour de coffee will be continued in 2016 with destination of coffee plantations in Mandheiling, north Sumatra and Malabar, Pengalengan, West Java. Previously, it was that reported US coffee imports from Indonesian in 2014 was valued at USD 323 million, an increase of 11.29% from the previous year. Of all the states in the Midwest, the largest Indonesian coffee imports is in the state of Minnesota, worth USD 1.67 million. The import value increased 196.33% from the previous year at USD 562.00. among the states in the Midwest, increase of coffee imports from Indonesia is the highest. (E)

Business News - August 26, 2015

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