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The coordinating Board f Investment (BKPM) was maximizing collaboration in Indonesia-Australia partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector in support of Government’s program of self reliance in meat. Head of BKPM Franky Sibarani stated there were some program agreement between Indonesia and Australia which would lead to self reliance. This was BKPM’s press release received on Tuesday (25/8).

The agreement included among others pilot project program of palm plantation – livestock integration as an effort to increase cattle population in Indonesia. To realize the plan, the Government of RI would import 2,000 heifers and 100 bulls from Australia including the supporting equipment and technical team. By this program it was expected that cattle breeding business would be a new model of business which was more profitable.

Franky explained that so far cattle breeding business was unattractive to businesspeople. Limited land forced cattle breeders to breed cattle the conventional way i.e. by using cage with high production cost and longer turnover compared to feedlooting. Meanwhile palm-cattle combination was believed to reduce fertilizer expenses and reduce animal feed cost and maintenance cost.

If this program was successful, it could be copied by other palm growers which might support Government’s self reliance program, in livestock and minimize dependency on import. It could also mean opportunity for investors in cattle breeding business.

Besides there was also cow slaughter was one development by Australia. Today Australia was one of the countries applying high technology of high hygienic degree for cow cutting. Franky said that training was exercised by sending representative of Indonesia cutting houses to lean how to cut cows in Australia. Indonesia would cut cows the efficient, hygienic and economical way.

While agreeing on come activities in 2015/2016, the third partnership meeting would also discuss Indonesia’s food resiliency, future Direction of Partnership and reporting of programs underway and agreed to at previous meeting, among others Skill Development Program and Capacity Building as well as NTCA; Indonesia-Australia Pastoral Industry Student Program in Collaboration with Government universities in Indonesia.

Indonesia-Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector was set up on April 17, 2014. The partnership aimed at synergizing power and potential of the two countries in the meat industry whereby to build relationship of mutual benefit in investment and long term business toward Indonesia’s food resiliency.

Present at the third meeting was Australia’s Minister of Agriculture Bernaby Joyce, Indonesia’s Ambassador in Canberra H.E. Najib Riphat Kosoema, and members of Indonesian delegation consisting of representative of BKPM, coordinating Minister in Economy Miistry of Trade, associations, and players of the livestock industry in Indonesia. (SS) 

Business News - August 28, 2015

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