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In the effort to develop labor industry especially Indonesia Migrant Workers Abroad (TKI) which was an important part of TKI Placement and Protections (BPN2TKI) workers abroad, the National board for TKI   Placement and Protections (BNP2TKI) was executing the TKI Placement Program of the Private Sector (PPTKIS), In 2015 the program was executed by 498 Employment Agencies (PPTKIS) including various parties i.e. The government, NGO’s, and the Association of Indonesian Employment, Agencies and the Association of Indonesia Employment Agencies and the board of Demography of the faculty of Economy, the University of Indonesia (LDFE-UI) as executor of appraisal.

Head of  BNP2TKI Nusron Wahid stated in Jakarta on Thursday (3/9) that in the process of development of TKI management , three main agenda had bead stipulated, i.e. development of industrial climate for TKI, fulfillment of criteria for operational on TKI Placement agencies.

Nusron informed that of 498 PPTKIS employment agencies that submitted their documents completely and timely as requirement for appraisal of their performance through 2012 – 2014. He said that rating would consist of 4 levels, i.e. Excellent, Good, Very Satisfactory, and Satisfactory while appraisal would be classified as Brionze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Of the 365 PPTKIS agencies being appraised, the ones who were being awarded Bronze category numbered 8 agencies, Silver 228 agencies (62%) and Gold 106 agencies (29%0 and Platinum 23 agencies (7%). The Very Good Category 96 – 100 i.e. PPTKIS having full legal status, having adequate facilities, linkage to networking of placement, having passed the stages of procedures of placement and able to place TKI without problem till one of contract.

The ones categorizes as “needing special count selling” 50 – 65, i.e. agencies having no full legal status, facilities being inadequate and having no full limited linkage in country of placement and having numerous problems with TKI being placed.

Beyond that, Nusron said, there were 133 agencies having “black report card” because they could not join the appraisal program, as they had failed to join the Appraisal Plan their names would be deleted and were not permitted to be active. The agencies whose names were written off, if they persisted being active TKI placement, could be sanctioned.

Nusron explained that rating of PPTKIS was intended to build a healthy competition between PPTKIS in rendering high quality service, to give reference to all employment agencies to collaborate, to give reference to CKTI in choosing the right agencies and help BNP2TKI in managing PPTIKIS effectively. (SS)

Business New - September 9, 2015

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