Sunday, 3 January 2016


PT Pertamina was today spurring on the Ulubelu Thermal Oil Generator project unit 3 & 4 with total capacity of 2 X 55 MW which was expected to supply electricity for the province of Lampung. The progress of execution had now come to 56.12%. with that progress, the Director of Hulu Pertamina Syamsu Alam felt sure that PLTP Ulubelu would be paid off according to COD target, i.e. August 2016 for PLTP Ulubelu unit 3 and June 2017 for Unit 4.

“The Ulubelu PLTP 3 & 4 project was Pertamina’s breakthrough project at the upstream sector. Today the sector has posted Progress of 56.12%. With that progress, PLTP Ulubelu project would be accomplished on target, i.e. August 2016 for PLTP Ulubelu unit 3 and June 2017 for unit 4,” Syamsu said.

“With the progress of project accomplished so far, we feel sure PLTP Ulubelu 3 & 4 would be completed and on stream as targeted. When paid off PLTP Ulubelu would contribute 23% of total power supply for Lampung which totaled 832.2 MW today 52% was supplied by Stream Powered Generator (PLTU) 19%. Diesel Powered Generator (PLTD) 14%, Water current Powered Generator (PLTA) only 13% of PLTP. In 2017 when installed power 994 MW, PLTP Ulubelu 1,2,3 would contribute in total 220 MW.

PLTP Ulubelu 3 & 4 were part of the project the ground breaking for which was inaugurated by President Jokowi last July. The Ulubelu project was built by PT Pertamina Geothermal energy with total project scheme meaning PGE sold electricity to PLN.

The PLTP Ulubelu 3 & 4 encompassed engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) executed by Sumitmo-Rekayasa Industri. Pertamina Drilling Service Indonesia (PDSI), Pertamina’s subsidiary company specializing in oil drilling acted as operator of oil well drilling. Drilling for PT PLP Ulubelu 3 & 4 was targeted for 23 wells consisting of 17 production wells and 6 injection wells. Today 20 wells had been drilled, broken down as: 16 production wells and 4 injection wells. Today PDSI was preparing for drilling production wells. (SS)

Business News - August 21, 2015

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