Tuesday, 1 February 2011


To meet target of investments set by the Government, strategic measures needed to be taken by all parties, among others through optimizing competence of the regions and coordination among related in stitutions. To accommodate all the good initiatives, the Coordinating Board of Investments (BKPM) took the initiative to conduct a National Seminar on Investment and stage the Investment Potentials of the Regions. The Seminar this year would go under the theme of “Investment Opportunities in Indonesia in Infra-Structure, Energy, and Agro-based Industry” Chairman of BKPM Gita Wirjawan disclosed to the press after opening Staging of Investment Potentials in the Regions and Seminar on National Investent in Bandung.

The building of infra-structure contributed significantly to the process of economic growth and Investments. Adequate infra-structure would strengthen national competitive edge through industry. Infra structure was the magnetic country or region. Furthermore, infra structure would enhance equal distribution, because through infra structure, opportunities would be open wide and access to economic resources would be made easier.

Indonesia’s need for sufficient energy supply had become indispensable. Sufficient energy supply would propel economic growth along with blooming industrial sector. Competitive energy resources would boost industrial growth to produce competitive products for the domestic or export market.

Development of the industrial sector was of utmost importance, because it would add value to products. Furthermore industry could provide employment opportunities. Among the most potential were agro-based commodities.

The opportunities being offered in this zoning process have all been allocated, which materialized in real projects which would make it easy for investors to make considerations and business analysis. Infra structure development projects like building of Kertajati International airport West Java, or gold mine project in Wabu, Papua were some of the so many investment projects offered to foreign investors.

Launching of the Regional Potential Investment was expected to uplift competence and readiness of the regions to accommodate investments. This had been pioneered by the Coordinating Board of Investment (BKPM) since early 2010 by launching the Regional Champions program. Regional Champions of 2010 had designed 7 provinces: Riau, South Sumatra, West Java, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, East Kalimantan and Papua as growth centers. Infact the final objective was to develop Regional Champions projects, which was to be publicized to domestic or foreign investors.

If the Government took proper actions in terms of land affairs, privatization and manpower, in fact Indonesia’s potential to draw investors was truly great.

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