Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Legislation Is Still The Main Priority In Parliament’s Agenda

House of Representatives would again prioritize legislation in the coming sessions. The objective was to pursue target of completing 70 Law Proposals. Of the 70 law proposals due only 5 had been passed. This was disclosed by Chairman of House Marzuki Allie upon opening the grand session.

Through the coming sessions, House would focus agenda on the entire process of Law Proposal dissecting, among others law passing of Indonesia-Russia agreement on military technology, law on Memorandum of Understanding between the Indonesian Government and His Majestry Sultan Brunei Darussalam in terms of military agreement.

Other Law Proposals to be discussed are among others Law Proposal on State’s Reserves (Commission I), Law Proposal on Amnesty (Commission II) Law Proposal on Immigration Affairs (Commission III) Law on Information Geospasial (Commission VII), Law Commission on Public Accountancy (Commission XI), Law Proposal on Money Laundering (Special Committee), Law Commission on Protocol, Law Proposal on Monetary Affairs, Law Amendment on Constitutional Assembly, Law Proposal on Cultural Conservation, Law proposal on Boys Scout Affairs, Law Proposal on Matters Originating from Legislative Body. Legislation process has always been subject to public criticism, due to poor attainment of House’s target.

Therefore, House Chairman together with the Legislation Body would make new breakthroughs like making re-allocations such as Council scheduling, preparing or discussing Legal Proposal, maximizing expert’s and legal drafters’ role and last but not least to collaborate with related universities in the process of academic writing. The Parliament should truly focus attention on prioritized law proposal by prioritizing on the quality of the proposed law, that they might be beneficial to the nation.

As with the judicial review over several law articles and Constitutional Assembly, those are good lessons to learn for the House in performing their law making task.

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