Sunday, 6 February 2011


Oil spill from the leaking of Montana Oil Plant located on waters of Timor Gap on the borders of Indonesia – Australia – Timor Leste contaminated 90m thousand kilometers of seawaters of Timor seas in the Indonesian territory. Oil spill from the well in West Atlas Block, around 75% extending to Indonesian territories – is most injurious to farmers of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) especially those at catch dropped drastically. This was the conclusion of the Technical Team of Commission IV of Parliament to the NTT province recently.

Vice Chairman of Commission IV Anna Mu’awanah stated, production of seaweed in 2008 reached 400 tons, in 2009 it slipped down to 132 tons, while in 2010, up till August, no sign of harvest was in sight. So far fishermen have not received compensation urged Government to immediately forward compensation claim for the sea pollution.

Vice Chairman of Commission IV of Parliament, Anna Mu’awanah stated that production of seaweed in 2008 was posted at 400 tons, in 2009 it slumped to 132 tons, while 2010 was not showing any sign of sign of harvest. So far fishermen had not received any compensation. Therefore, Commission IV of Parliament had urged the Government to immediately forward compensation claim caused by pollution.

Member of Commission IV of Parliament Siswono Yudho Husodo stated that around Rote nDao island, 16.420 sq M of water was polluted by oil spill, resulting in destruction of seaweed and reduction of fish yields to a quarter of the normal amount. Amount of the compensation claim by the Provincial Government of NTT to Montara Oil explorer to the Government of Australia was ESTIMATED AT Rp. 2.7 trillion to Rp. 3 trillion. This amout is way below claim of the USA Government to British Petrolium (BP) which amounted to US$ 5 billion or around Rp. 50 trillion.

Member of Commission IV from the Province of Province of East Nusa Tenggara. Honing Sanny stated that it might take ten years for sea pollution to recover. Honing added that the Governor of NTT had sent a letter to the Coordinating Miniser of Economy Hatta Rajasa on the estimated loss caused by sea pollution. Meanwhile another member of commission IV of Parliament Viva Yoga Mauladi stated that up till now the oil spill amouting to 400 barrels per year was presently still contaminating the Timor sea. Viva regretted the statement of apology made by Indonesia’s Minister of Maritime and Fishery Fadel Muhammad to the Government of Australia. Supposedly it was Australia who apologized to Indonesia, especially to the people around Rote Ndao.

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