Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Bank Indonesia recorded that troughout 2010, electronic transfer activities reach Rp.48,800 trillion with a volume at 94.6 million transactions. Average daily value and volume of electronic transfer reach Rp.203 trillions (394,000 transaction ). If compared to the activities in 2009, value of electronic transfer rises by 36.4 percent. The central bank is in opinion that with the increase of electronic transfer activities, customer prefer fast and efficient method of payment, as stated in Bank Indonesia’s analysis: Payment System Outlook 2010-2011 Directorate of Accounting and Payment System and Directorate of Money Circulation of Bank Indonesia.

Electronic transfer activities through BI-Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and Bank Indonesia National Clearing System (SKNBI) in the past 5 year increases 3.1 percent a year in volume and 20.7 percent in value. The quite high increase is related to increase in economic operators for a fast and efficient payment system.

Meanwhile, value of electronic transaction circulation processed through BI-RTGS system reaches Rp.196.6 trillion a day throughout 2010. the highest transfer value through BI-RTGS is fund transfer in the framework of monetary management. on the other hand, electronic transfer activities throughout 2010 reach 81.9 millions with a value of Rp.1,574 trillions or an average of 360,000 transactions with a value of Rp.6.9 trillions daily. A major part of electronic transfer activities through SKNBI is fund between bank customers. While, electronic transfer through BI-RTGS varies from transfer between customers, capital market, monetary management, up to transactions of government.

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