Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The amount of foreign funds invested in State Debentures (SUN) has increased by Rp. 2.13 trillion in the first several days of 2011. Up to January 4, 2011, the amount of foreign funds invested in the instrument totaled Rp. 197.89 trillion.

Data at the Directorate General of Debt Management of the Finance Ministry show that the amount of foreign funds coming into SUN rose Rp. 197.89 trillion in January 4, 2011 from Rp. 195.76 trillion in December 2010.

The trading value of SUN is now totaling Rp. 641.21 trillion. Banking still controls the largest share, valued at Rp. 215.31 trillion. Next come insurance industry (Rp. 79.89 trillion), mutual funds industry (Rp. 51.05 trillion), persion funds (Rp. 36.71 trillion), Bank Indonesia (Rp. 17.12 trillion), securities industry (Rp. 130 billion) and others (Rp. 43.43 trillion). The amount of foreign funds invested in SUN rose by Rp. 88.89 trillion to Rp. 195.76 trillion in 2010 from Rp. 108 trillion in 2009.

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