Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The Government is changing strategy in offering intra-structure projects to overseas candidates. In the past, all projects wherher they were ready, semi ready or barely presentable (far from being ready) were included in the Book of Government-and-Private Sector Collaboration (PPP book) but now only projects that are truly ready are included in the PPP book to be offred to investory.

Based on this new strategy, the Government would ony include two or three projects in the PPP Book. Not projects that were not ready, but only those that were fully ready would be offered. Head of the Coordinating Board of Investment (BPKM) Gita Wiyawan after attending the Cordinative Meeting on Investment led by the Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa disclosed in Jakarta Monday (27/7).

According to Gita, with the change of PPP platform BPKM Could give assurance on the certainty of investment in Indonesia “Hereby I can assure certainty to investors that in a matter of days they can come and bring their cement along to start building infra structure and in terms of investment permit, at the capital city or in the regions, will be readily prepared for them “Gita remarked.

Previously on Mach 26, 2009 the Government schemed up a project offering system which totally changed, the mechanism being twice exercised at the Indonesia Infra Structure summit 2006 and 2007. This new scheme is called the PPP book. In this book, the Governtment offers 87 projects worth US$ 34.139 or equal toRp 375, 529 trillion, most of them were projects ready for execution.

Unlike the project list proposed at the Indonesia infra-structure Summit 2006 and 2007, the projects offered through the PPP book are divided into 3 categories, i.e. ready-to-go projects, prioritized projects and potential projects

The first type of are the most well prepared projects. Projects of the prioritized type are those equipped with feasibility study, legally justifiable, technically adequate and financially sound. Meanwhile projects classified as potential are those being fulfilled of their needs at local and national level, with their locations known.

The projects ready to be offered by PPP book number eight projects units worth US$ 4.518 billion. Furthermore there are 18 priority projects worth US$ 3.094 billibon and 61 potential projects worth US$ 26.527 billion.

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