Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Chairman of the house of Representatives Marzuki Alie stated that the role of State Budget for propelling economic growth has not been maximized. It was expected that every single Rupiah spent would have a multiplier effect on Gross Domestic Products. This was disclosed during the opening of Marketing Sessions II year 2010/2011.

The amount of fund in the State Budget increases year after year, but the problem of low utilization of budget always prevail all year through. The council understand that among the stagnating factors of budget absorption is the fear of legal consequences caused by executing programs. For that matter, breakthrough is need such as by way of applying more flexible regulations related to state budget, provided that they are accountable.

Breakthrough is needed to avoid the tradition of increased budget utilization toward year end. Absorption of budget started early in year would supposedly contribute to stimulating economic growth.

House noticed that the structure of allocations in State Budget 2010 was for the most part used for paying debts, giving subsidy, and employess salaries, However House appreciatedthe Government for having increased allocations for capital spending in State Budget (APBN) 2010 such as in building infrastructure.

Through the said policy it is expected there would be output in the State Budget to support national economic growth of 2011. Supposedly growth is beneficial to people welfare, as reflected in the increase of labor accomodation and lessened poverty.

Setting Target for 70 Bills of Priority

Through 2011 House set target to dissect and accomplish 70 law proposals of priority. Of the 70 bills 37 stemmed from House initiative while 33 are proposed by Government. In addition to that House plan to discuss 5 bills openly.

Considering the so many bills to be passed by 2011, it expected that legislation function of house could be enhanced and carried out effectively and efficiently through stronger emphasis on substantial matters. For that matter, Chairman of House asked house members to be present in every discussion of bills so the task could be accomplished according to the agenda.

As the workload of house is quite heavy, It is expected that harmonious teamwork between house and Government could be fostered to accomplish all the task prioritized for 2011. through better coordination and learn lessons form 2010 experience, Chairman of house is expecting that the task of legislation for 2011 would be better than that of 2010.

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