Monday, 28 July 2008

Power plant utilization only 6 percent

The potential of water by power plants can be utilized to cope with the electricity crisis, said Djoko Kirmanto, Minister for Public Works. He hopes that the 7.000 megawatt out of the 10.000 megawatt electricity project will use water. “Indonesia is the country to have the fifth largest water surface in the world¨ he said yesterday. The State-owned electricity company (PLN) director, Fahmi Mochtar, said that from the 70.000 megawatt Water-Generated Power Plant (PLTA) potential in Indonesia, only 6 percent or 3.529 megawatt has been utilized. He also mentioned that the operational cost of water-generated power plant per kilowatt per hour is Rp140 and it is the lowest compare to other power plants elsewhere.
(Kompas, July 3, p.22)

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