Monday, 28 July 2008

Non-performing loans reach 50%

The chairman of the Industrial-Trading & Cooperating Agency (Disperindagkop) for Banyuwangi, I Nyoman Wirayatsa, said the non-performing loans of small-to medium-sized firms and enterprises have reached an average of 50% in 2003 to 2008. Credit reached Rp152 million for small-to medium-sized firms from loans of Rp600 million, while there is no return from total loans of Rp150 million given to small-to-medium-sized enterprises. The community-based cooperation also has a non-performing loan of Rp313 million from a total loan of Rp800 million. “Most of them are bankrupt,” he told Tempo today (6/6). He said the entrepreneurs having difficulty with the fuel price rise that occurred three times since 2005. Nyoman said that the departments sent warning letters many times to them to pay back their loans. (,20080606-124623,uk.html)

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