Thursday, 24 July 2008

Indonesia among the most optimistic markets in Asia: Survey

Indonesia is the third most optimistic market in Asia after India and China, according to a quar­terly investor survey by Dutch financial institution giant ING. The Jakarta Post reported (01/18/08)
Despite global market uncertainty and the impact of U.S. sub-prime crisis during the first quarter of this year. The fast growing markets of India, China and Indonesia have gained the highest level of investor confidence.
The ING Investor Dash­board survey measures and tracks investor sentiment and behavior quarterly from 13 Asia Pacific markets, with each market assigned an investor sentiment score ranging from 0 (the least optimistic) to 200 (the most optimistic).
India, China and Indonesia recorded the highest level of investor optimism scoring 168, 136 and 131 respectively.
Other countries surveyed included Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philip­pines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
ING Asia chief investment officer Hou Wey Fook, howev­er, said Indonesia — like the rest of Asia — was not insu­lated from global market uncertainty.
According to Fook, 58 per­cent of Indonesian investors claimed the crisis had somehow affected their investment decisions during the first three months of the year.
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