Thursday, 24 July 2008

HPSP visited new greenhouses and screenhouses of melon farmers association

In April 4, 2008 HPSP visited 3 sites of greenhouses and screenhouses own by melon farmers association in Pekalongan (Asosiasi Melon Tani Manunggal).These buildings are part of the partnerships activities under HPSP support in improving the production capability of the farmers to answer the challenges from their buyers. It is expected to contribute in the melon farming integrated pest management and reducing the effect of the natural factors such as season. This is a new technological initiative for melon farming in the surrounding area. The initiative has attracted lot of attentions from the other farmers as well as the government. Within the next 2 months harvesting time, the association and other related parties will fully experience whether this good starting initiative is applicable and workable as well as producing better harvest.

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