Thursday, 24 July 2008

Establishment of IP rights management center

The government of Indonesia continues its efforts to enhance the protection of industrial intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in the country, by establishing an Intellectual Property Rights Management Center, in the Department of Industry. The Center is to be referred to as ”PM - HKI Depperin”. The provisions regarding PM-HKI Depperin’s establishment as well as its function and tasks are embodied in Regulation No. 59/M-IND/7/PER/2007 (”PM - HKI Depperin” (the “Regulation”). The Regulation was widely disseminated to the public only recently.Among the main tasks of PM - HKI Depperin are the following: i. to consolidate and coordinate the planning of annual activities and programs, work standards, promotion and information network, and the professional management as well as the business administration of all of the work units in the department; ii. to provide administration, information and consultation as well as technical guidance services; and iii. to facilitate the commercialization of the IPR subjects.The duties and tasks of PM - HKI Depperin are further elaborated in Attachment I of the Regulation. PM - HKI Depperin is required to report on the realization of its programs at least every six months to the Minister. The Regulation has been in force since the day of its issue on 12 July 2007.

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