Monday, 2 November 2015


The Government still had the enhance to enhance economic growth which was now low by strengthening competitiveness This Was the statement made by the Presidential Advisory Council Sri Ardiningsih after meeting President Jokowi at the Presidential Palace on Monday (6/7).

Indonesia according to Sri must rise and shine from the present economic adverse condition which was unimpressive in Q 1-2015 where growth was only 4.7% or slower compared to same period the year before.

However Sri rated that Indonesia’s present economic condition was by far better than Greece which was in default. Greece was unable to pay debt of Euro 1,54 billion to IMF. “I believe that Indonesia’s condition is by far better than Greece. Our financial system has stronger legal base and Indonesia has the mechanism to anticipate developments.”

Therefore Sri believed that only a fool compared Indonesia with Greece. “I would not specify further the recommendations we make for the president and the inputs worthwhile for the President to use as reference. Many things need to be improved” Sri said. (SS)

Business News - July 10, 2015

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