Monday, 2 November 2015


Ineffective controlling, the problem of economic slowdown and Rupiah depreciation which characterized national economy today, were the focus of attention of the Parliament. For that matter the Parliament again reminded the Government to take sound measures to revitalize national economic performance. This was stated by Chairman of House Setya Novanto in delivering his speech in the closing session of Fourth Plenary Meeting Parliament 2014 – 2015 in Senayan Jakarta on Tuesday (7/7).

Increasing prices of essential need during Ramadhan and Lebaran was also the Parliament’s attention. The Parliament through related commission had urged the Government to pay attention to hometown rush of people going home for Idul Firtri among others by securing sound infra structure, adequate transportation and safety-security protection for home bound or backflow routes. House reminded the Government of the need of participation by the people, law enforcers and the Government to secure Hometown rush which was orderly, convenient and safe.

About long drought that resulted in food crisis and water shortage the way it happened in East Nusa Tenggara, house urged the Government to take emergency action and categorize the problem as natural disaster.

As an expression of care and sympathy for the victims of natural disaster, Chairman of House proposed the Parliament o raise fund to be distributed to the aggrieved victims of disaster. In the past there was fund raising before for various disasters like Merapi and Sinabung volcanic eruption, the Banjarnegara landslide disaster etc.

The Chairman of House expressed his condolence for the air crash of Airforce Hercules C-130 aircraft in Medan last week which had killed a number of TNI soldiers and civilian passengers. The Chairman of House urged the Government to extend aid and best compensation for the family members of the victim. To keep disasters from happening again in the future, which was allegedly on account of aging aircrafts, the Chairman of House fully supported the Government’s plan to rejuvenate military arms and equipments.

Legislation of some Bills Still Due

During Session IV the Parliament tried to accomplish legislation of some Bills which was priority for 2015. Some efforts had been made through various meetings or technical visits to seek for input from stakeholders in the process of making Law which was adaptive, responsive and aspirative to organized to concentrate more on the 2015 schedule as there was still carry over task from previous year to be accomplished soonest.

During session IV, House was making revision for National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) 2015 among others Bill on Anti Corruption Committee (KPK), Bill on Book Keeping system, and Bill on changing Bill on Food Resiliency with Bill on Animal, Fish and Plantation Quarantine and to replace Bill on Central-local Financial balancing and Bill on Tax stamps.

House had also ratified 3 Bills, i.e. Bill on Saving for People’s Housing, Bill on Guaranteeing, and Bill for Prohibition of Alcoholic Drinks. Besides there were 6 Bills now at the stage of harmonization at House Legislation Board, i.e. Bill on Land Affairs, Bill on Construction Service. Bill on Tobacco, Bill on Culture, Bill on Fishermen Protection and Empowerment, Fish Cultivating and Salt Embankments.

Meanwhile the Government forwarded to House 4 Bills, i.e. Bill on Branding, Bill on KUHP Book of Law, Bill on Patrnting, and Bill on State’s Non-Tax Income. The Parliament had stipulated instruments. The four Bills would be dissected during convention time to be held on August 14 2015 next. (SS)

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