Monday, 2 November 2015


Member of Commission IV of House Herman to disclosed that amendment of Quarantine Law was being dissected at House and it would soon protect the food market at home from the invasion of low quality imported products. By the time Rupiah value strengthened against USD Indonesia’s traditional markets were flooded by cheap imported products. The fruits and vegetables could be sold cheap because in the country of origin the products were regarded as trash. This was disclosed by the Public Relations Dept of Parliament on Tuesday (7/7).

Today the Government was discussing amendment of Law on Quarantine of Aninal, Fish and Plants which was revision of Law No 16 year 1992 on Animal Quarantine, Fish and Plants which was 30 years old and could no longer cope with changes in local, national or even international level.

Discussions was expected to be accomplished in the near future. Thereafter Indonesia would have a Quarantine Law which would make it possible to protect stat’s sovereignty among others to keep unqualified foreign products form entering the country.

Beside food safety, this Regulation would also encompass management of quarantine and also prevention of animal diseases from entering the country through Certification.

Also to prevent infection and spreading out of pest and animal diseases from Indonesia in accordance with the requirements of the destination countries which had the potential of endangering the environment. Other advantage was to control traffic of scare species of animals listed in CITIES.

According to hermanto, today quarantine for fish and plantation were going separately their own way. Soon when this Law was in effect, Quarantines would be integrated in a system based on science and technology.

Someday Indonesia would have the instruments to play active role in formulating international conventions in protecting bio resources whereby to shield national interest from illegal global and regional trading of unsafe agricultural commodities. (SS)

Business News - July 10, 2015

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