Monday, 2 November 2015


Administrative sanction would be imposed on environmental and forestry law breakers create a deterrent effect. Through 2015 there had been cases of 10 administrative sanctions to companies breaking environmental and forestry law.

Administrative sanction was exercised by cancelling operational permit, it was easier done without involving the Court which might take long to process. However the legal procedure remained to be done as required. The legal Director General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs Rasio Risho Sani stated on Monday (6/7).

In law enforcing, the Ministry was highly appreciative of various inputs from the public. Since October 2014 to june 2015 there had been 314 reports from the public received through various media like letters, e-mail, sms, telephone through the national Commission of Human Rights.

Complaint by email was highest, numbering 148 times, followed by direct complaint 54 times and complaint by SMS 37 times.

Law enforcement on environmental crime had serious attention by the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Forestry. Evidently a special Directorate General had been set up to manage cases of law violations. To overcome the problem of limited budget, fund and personnel, Rasio, who was nicknamed Roy stated that he planned to make innovations and scientific approach. The modus operandi of crime was advance today, so scientific based policy would be a considerable alternative.

By institution, to strengthen Law Enforcement in the provinces, The Ministry planned to set up a Technical Executive Units (UPT) for Law Enforcement. Beside Law Enforcement this Unit would also do some inspections. Today Law Enforcers in the regions consisted of Forest Police 8,105 person, Forestry Investigators 1,043 persons. PNS LH 416 persons. The role of personnel would be enhanced so low enforcement in forestry could be maximized. (SS)

Business News - July 10, 2015

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