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Accumulatively realization of investment project in Semester 1 (January-June) of 2015 was Rp.259.7 trillion or up by 16.6% against same period of 2014. Realization of capital investment in Semester 1/2015 consisted of investment realization of PMDN amounting to Rp85.5 trillion (32.9%) and realization of PMA was Rp174.2 trillion (67/1%). Distribution of investment in Semester 1/2015 showed investment realization in Java was Rp144.5 trillion (55/07%) and investment realization outside Java was Rp115.2 trillion (44.3%). Investment realization outside Java increased by 25.5% against same period of 2014 (91.7 trillion). This was disclosed by Head of BKPM Franky Sibarani to the press on Monday (27/7).

Through January-June 2015 investment realization of PMDN was Rp85.5 trillion (32.9%) against same period of 2014 at Rp72,8 trillion, an increase of 17.4%. in Semester 1/2015 investment realization of PMA was Rp174.2 trillion (67.1%) against same period of 2014 at Rp150 trillion, an increase of 16.1%. PMA and PMDN investment realization through January-June 2015 was as follows:

1.      PMDN Investment Realization
PMDN Investment realization by business sector (top 5) included F&B Rp14.1 trillion; Electricity, Gas and Water Rp11.6 trillion. Basic Chemical Industry Chemical Products and Pharmaceuticals Rp11,0 trillion; Construction Rp8.3 trillion; non metal Mineral Industry Rp6.7 trillion. If all industry sectors were combined, the contribution of processing industry sector was Rp43.0 trillion or 50.3% of total PMDN. PMDN realization based on project location (top 5) West Java Rp15.4 trillion; East Java Rp12.6 trillion; Jakarta Top 8.3 trillion; Central Java Rp7.2 trillion and South Sumatra Rp7.2 trillion.

2.       PMA Investment Realization
Investment Realization by business sector (top 5) were Transportation, Warehousing and Telecommunication USD 2.4 billion; Mining USD 2,2 billion. Basic Metal Industry, Metal Goods, Machines and Electronics USD 1.4 billion; Transportation Industry USD 1.1 billion;
Basic Chemicals, Chemical Goods and Pharmaceuticals USD 0.9 billion. If all the industry sectors were combined they would contribute USD 5.6 billion or 40.1% of total PMA.
Realization of PMA by project location (top 5) were: West Java (USD 2.6 billion); Jakarta USD 1.6 billion; East Kalimantan (USD 1.2 billion); Banten USD 1.0 billion; and East Java USD 0.8 billion.
PMA Investment Realization by country of origin (top 5) were Malaysia (USD 2.6 billion); Jakarta USD 1.6 billion; Japan USD 1.6 billion; South Korea USD 0.8 billion; and the USA 0.6 billion. (SS)

Business News - July 31, 2015

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