Monday, 2 November 2015


Vice Chairman of Commission V of House Yudi Widiana Adi upon inspecting preparation for Lebaran hometown rush at the Harjamukti bus terminal Cirebon warned passengers to be cautious of the potential of traffic bottlenecking at the exit way of Cikopo-Palimanan toll road West Java and potential street market outburst. The bottlenecking was inevitable and therefore traffic planning was needed from now on. The West Java Police stated they had prepared alternative routes to anticipate bottlenecking. This was disclosed by the Public Relations Dept House on Monday (6.7).

Meanwhile the Management of Jasa Marga would apply Open Gate System at the entry gate of Plumbon Toll road to prevent accumulation of vehicles. Soon cars would only stop once when paying at the counter. The Harjamukti Terminal in Cirebon belonged to Type A category, the condition was rated as disheartening. Now there were more big buses compared to small vehicles. Ideally the ratio was 5 : 1 but now for the Bandung – Jakarta route the ratio was in reverse: there were more small cars than big buses on the road.

He remarked further that the route of 2015 was notably well planned. The Cipali toll road from Jakarta – Cirebon until Brebes was around 3 hours. The main problem was streetmarket outburst, but the police was expected to draw road marks so market activities would not flow out to the road. (SS)

Business News - July 10, 2015

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