Monday, 2 November 2015


The audit also included examination result for Election 2014. Chairperson of House consisting of Head of Parliament Setya Novanto and two vice Chairmen Agus Hermanto/Taufik Kurniawan welcomed BPK leaders Harry Azhar Aziz and Achsanul Qosasi on Monday (13/7) to hear report of the audit outcome.

The auditing of BPK was the kind of examination with certain objectives as requested by House Chairman. Previously Chairman of House has also received a letter from Chairman of Commission II and III of House on auditing of KPU Election Committee.

BPK rated that the budget for Simultaneous Regional Election was not in accordance with the rules. Many Governors had not submitted their budget and security cost was not even confirmed. On the other hand many regional KPUD Election Commission had not forwarded their budget.

All must be the Government’s attention especially the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the re were some Regulation still to be revised following some BPK findings. Other problem was the Regional Grant Agreement text (NPHD) between the Governor and Grant recipient, by the finding the election was under threat in terms of timing and security. (SS)

Business News - July 22, 2015

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