Monday, 2 November 2015


Ex Chairman of the Renewable energy Society (METI) Rachmat Gobel underscored that the Government would focus attention on the development of New and renewable Energy, the development was part of the plan develop 35000 MW power by 2019 so it was expected to promote welfare, and constantly maintain self reliance to sustain national economic growth.

The statement was made by Rachmat Gobel on the occasion of transfer of authority to the Chairman of MEI for the period of 2015 – 2018 Suryadharma in Jakarta on Monday (6/7). Rachmat Gobel was Chairman of METI for 2012 – 2015. He stated that the Joko Widodo administration would focus attention on 5 sectors to achieve people’s welfare agriculture, maritime and fishery, energy, industry and tourism. In energy, the priority would be on renewable energy.

“The President is committed to develop new and renewable energy as integral part of the grand masterplan to develop 35,000 MW of electricity and minimize use of oil by up to 20%” he said while still referring to National Energy Policy – among others the Energy Mix plan by 2025.

Government would reduce to a great extend use of fossil energy. crude oil was projected to be reduced up to 20% while gas would be increased up to 30%. The Government would also maximize use of coal to more than 33% while biofuel would be increased to more than 5%, geo thermal to more than 5% and biomass, water force, wind force to more than 5% and liquefied oil to be more than 2%.

“Renewable energy should be pursued because soon or late fossil energy would run out. New and renewable energy would propel industry and strengthen competitiveness of domestic products at the global market,” Gobel said. he expected that in the future renewable energy would enhance efficiency if all industry lines and promote green industry. “Furthermore renewable energy would promote people’s welfare, support provincial development and strengthen national resiliency”

To strengthen Industrial Competitiveness

Trade Minister said he was optimistic that competitiveness of national industry would be stronger as need for electricity was fulfilled. The statement was made when he was accompanying President Joko Widodo inaugurating Unit G geo thermal based powerhouse in Kamojang and ground-breaking of geo thermal projects development in Bandung on Sunday (5/7).

Minister Gobel said that successful management of the energy sector was the key to promoting economic growth. Strong Industry rests on two powers: the power of electricity and manpower. “Indonesia’s commodities would be competitive at the Global market if the two powers were strong” he said. today national power capacity was 50,000 MW.

The Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla administration projected increased capacity to 35,000 MW by 2019. “Strengthened power supply was the pre condition of promoting industry competitiveness and to increase export volume by 300% in 2019” he concluded. (SS)

Business News - July 10, 2015

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