Monday, 31 August 2009

New Regulation on Allocation Table of Radio Frequency Introduced

By end of July 2009 the Government issued a new regulation on table of allocated spectrum of radio frequency in Indonesia, hence legally replacing the Decree of the Minister of Transportation which had been effective for the past 8 years.

Head of the Information Center of the Department of Communication & Information Gatot S Dewabroto in a press conference stated the document of spectrum allocation for Indonesia’s radio frequency contained spectrum allocation for radio frequency in Indonesia which would serve as reference for the management of a more specific, detailed and operational frequency band. Users and would be users of existing band width were urged to recognize the allowed spectrum as ingrained in the document, in regard to types of services, allocation and channeling included therein.

Allocation of radio frequency spectrum in Indonesia which was included in the document referred to the table of allocation spectrum officially released by the International Telecommunication Union [ITU] as specified in the Radio Regulations, 2008 edition which also served as reference for other countries in the world. The table of radio frequency spectrum allocation consisted of three columns, each column contained distribution of allocated world frequency which was stipulated as allocation zone of ITU. The band width referred in each allocation table of radio frequency spectrum was placed on the upper left corner of the box area of the table.

The document consisted of four columns, the fourth column was the allocation of radio frequency spectrum in Indonesia which referred to Zone 3 of table allocation of radio frequency spectrum of ITU. The footnote reference appearing beneath the allocated institutions, was applicable for allocations. The footnote appearing on the upper right corner of the institution’s name, was only applicable for the said institution. The particular footnote for Indonesia on column four was marked with INS code, this allocation was breakdown of planning and application of the said band width nationally. The table of spectrum allocation of ITU frequency was previously translated into the Indonesian language before serving as reference in the formation of allocation tabulation of radio frequency spectrum in Indonesia.

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