Monday, 31 August 2009

On-going Transaction of Semester II/2009 Shows a Deficit of USD 1,850 Million

On-going transaction in Semester II 2009 was projected to suffer a deficit of USD 1,850 million. This deficit was caused by the downturn of trade balance-sheet as related to the increase of import value, particularly import of capital goods and raw materials which were not recovered since Semester II of 2008. This was the report if State Budget implementation of Semester II/2009 which had been forwarded to the Parliament.

Within that period, the services and income sectors suffered deficit amounting to USD 6,123 million and USD 7,371 million respectively, whilst the transfer post had a surplus of USD 2,270 million. The surplus of transfer was among others related to transfer of Indonesian migrant workers abroad.

The case was the same as on-going transaction, performance of balance-sheet of capital and finance in Semester II of 2009 which was estimated to have surplus, after showing a deficit in Semester II of 2008. This improvement was driven by increase of capital inflow in the public sector i.e. project aids and stand by loan, and capital inflow of the private sector. The increase of inflow in the private sector was mostly due to direct investment and portfolio investment, while other investment were projected to have a deficit.

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