Monday, 7 September 2009

Government insists on marine concession plan for fisheries

The Maritime and Fishery Affairs Ministry will go ahead with plans to introduce cluster-like territorial water areas for fisheries where concession rights will be allocated to firms by tenders, arguing that this will not be detrimental to small-scale fishermen.
The planned cluster division system would in fact facilitate healthy competition among fishermen and fishing companies. The system is based on the Ministerial Regulation No.5/2008 and may take effect as early as next year. Further, the system is similar to that of Forestry Ministry concessions for rights where holders can exploit a certain area of forest for a certain period of time, would be based on the concept of environmental sustainability. It will let big-scale and small-scale fishermen exploit water resources to a certain extent only, based on certain related research which will be published by end of this year. The research will also determine details on the sizes of clusters, the maximum period of the fishing rights in each cluster, detailed mechanisms for the tenders, arrangements between central and local administrations, monitoring systems and related systems.
The Indonesian Fishery Industry Association (Gappindo), however has already voiced its objections on concerns that the proposed system would pave the way for big industry players to dominate the country’s proposed territorial water divisions.
Source: The Jakarta Post, p.3, 3 Sept. 09

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