Monday, 31 August 2009

Producers of Machinery Tools from Japan and Germany Assure to Increase Buying of Machinery Tools from Indonesia

Producers of machinery tools from Japan and Germany strived to increase purchases of machinery tools from Indonesia up to half a year ahead, at least to buy six machines per month at the price of 20 million Yen per unit. This had been made possible with the special merger in sales and after-sales service between Mori Seiki Co. Ltd. Japan and DMG [Glidemeister AG], Germany this year, explained Takeshi Sato as VP Sales & Marketing HQ/Vice Executive Officer in Asia, Jakarta Tuesday [11/8] amidst the staging of MTT Expo 2009. Apparently Indonesia was regarded as a market of bright prospect.

“In Asia, the sales of Indonesian machine tools was the highest next to Thailand, where last year’s combined sales of the two companies reached 1,400 units. Meanwhile, the merger which was carried out in July 1, 2009 was followed by marketing campaigns to Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Turkey, particularly in terms of sales and after sales service” Sato remarked.

Some countries like Malaysia and Singapore made relatively small purchases, around 100 to 200 units per year therefore the good number of production units spread out in some countries like Germany, Japan, China, Poland and other states [the two companies operated estimatedly 16 factories] Indonesia might be in a position to supply tools for the need of machine fabrication in those countries. This was disclosed by Motohito Yoshikawa, Regional Manager of Mori Seiki Indonesia.

“We are relying on our strength in better services, technical support, and sales through our network of effective service centers, whereby to ensure greater benefit to customers” said Saito. Mori Seiki company which was established in 1949, was a company specializing in machine tools based in Nagoya, Japan. The company operated a network of workshop centers all over the world and 39 technical centers in Japan. To strengthen its stronghold, the company also acquired other companies in laboratory technology, high precision machines, and workshop machines, etc.

Meanwhile DMG which was founded in 1870, was one of the producers of machine tools with headquarters in Germany, and strong market base in Europe. Now the company operated 13 factories and 69 service centers, all the way had acquired several companies in laser industry, and actively expanding business to solar energy technology, complementary to the existing main industry.

Now DMG/Mori Seiki Indonesia was serving 350 customers in Indonesia, operating more than 1,400 machinery units. Their customers included companies in engineering [33.4%], mold and Dies [21.4%], the automotive industry [20%], construction [1.6%] electronics and communication instruments [3.5%] and other industry lines like aviation and outer space technology, oil & gas, and agricultural machineries.

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