Monday, 31 August 2009

Indonesia Sets Forth a Recommendation to be Presented at The Convention of Climate Change in Copenhagen

Oceanography experts of Indonesia made a set of recommendations on Thursday to be presented at the Convention of Climate Change in Copenhagen on December 2009.

Indonesia proposed the need for a global umbrella policy and call for alliance of all communities of the seas, beaches, and small islands of the world to ratify of support the implementation of the proposition to the United Nations Convention on the law of the Sea [UNCLOS] which provide a legal framework for sea activities including the protection of eco-systems of the seas and beaches.

This was set forth after holding a workshop in Bogor on August 6, 2009, in a statement as obtained by Business News from the Department of Maritime and Fishery of Indonesia. The workshop was held since August 4, 2009.

The experts underscored the need to strengthen regional cooperation and coordination of related regional organizations and program coordination in the effort to strengthen Marine Protection Area Management.

They underscored the need to develop the national, regional and international programs to clear all doubts about the variety of oceanic bio life including coral reefs and wet land.

There was a need to enhance implementation of the Manado Ocean Declaration [MOD] particularly as complementary to Chapter 17 Agenda 212 which facilitated action plan to carry out sustained development on the sea and coastal regions including environmental preservation, continued utilization and conservation of bio-oceanic wealth to restore sports where the management of maritime environment was uncertain and critical; to observe the impact of climate change, fostering regional and global collaborations; coordination of international teamwork, and continuous development of remote islands.

Enhancement of coordination mechanism among institutions to maintain effective, transparent constructive handling of various maritime issues at national, regional and global level focusing on conservation of the eco-system of the sea and coastal areas.

To maintain coordinated, multi-disciplinary, and multi sectoral approach at all levels in handling coastal and maritime management, aimed at protecting the coastal and maritime eco-system.

To help the local governments and local communities in coordinating policies and programs at several levels aimed at the protection and continuous management of coastal and maritime resources.

To maintain productivity and variety of vulnerable coastal marine bio life including the areas within and beyond the jurisdiction zones of the state.

To facilitate and develop the application of instruments and approaches including the eco-system approach whereby to minimize destructive practices which might threaten the endurance of the coastal and marine life of the eco-system.
Strengthening of MPA stakeholder capacity in scheming up programs and cooperation mechanism aimed at maintaining the structure and enhancing the function of marine life of the coastal ands oceanic eco-system.

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