Friday, 5 June 2009

Realization of Bulog Rice Procurement Reached 2.1 Million Tons

The realization of unhusked grains/rice procurement of the Board of Logistics [Bulog] up to May 22, 2009 reached 2.1 million tons equivalent to rice. Java contributed to rice procurement numbering 1.6 million tons whilst outside Java contributed 556 thousand tons according to date of unhusked grains/rice procurement.

In Java the biggest source of rice came from East Java Divre [regional division] : 178.191,19 tons followed by Central Java Divre [443.667,57 tons] and West Java divre [347.795,05 tons] whilst in outside Java the biggest source was South Sulawesi [209.186,45 tons] followed by West Nusa Tenggara [129.040,88 tons], Lampung Divre [83.538,20 tons] and the South Sumatra Divre [67.096,77 tons].

During hearing session with Commission IV of the Parliament, President Director of Public Company [Perum] BULOG Mustafa Abubakar stated that procurement of unhusked grains and rice had begun since 2009 or sooner than previous years. In 2009, BULOG proclaimed target of unhusked grains and rice procurement amounting to 3.8 million tons equivalent of rice.

The policies ans actions taken by Perum BULOG to attain prognose of unhusked graisn and rice in 2009 were :

a. To activate Units of unhusked grains and rice processing and task force for buying farmers
b. To instruct al Divres to prioritize procurement of unhusked grains during harvest
c. To expand procurement and pipelining network
d. To step up services in all limes, operational as well as administrative
e. To maintain coordination/cooperation with all concerned parties and stakeholders
f. To classify partners

The hindrances faced in the procurement of unhusked grains and rice in 2009 were :

[i] harvesting which coincided with the rainy season while drier machines were limited.
[ii] limited warehouse spaces to increase procurement particularly in producers zones
[iii] limited rental godowns
[iv] prices of unhusked grains/rice which on the average were above Government’s Standard

purchasing price [HHP].

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