Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Law Proposal on Exclusive Economic Zone to Refer to the Law of Regional Authority

Chairman of the special Committee on law Proposal on Exclusive Economic Zone, Irmadi Lubis stated, that the Parliament would not set any requirement which would hindrance the establishment of Free Economic Zone. This law should refer to the law of Regional Authority which should not be eroded by the new law. This was a disclosed after a meeting with the Governor of Bengkulu, Agustrin.

This law proposal would soon become more attractive whereby to attract domestic and overseas investors. Never let it happen than this law was passed without attracting investors. This law proposal was similar to the Bonded Warehouse concept. Therefore, all stock holders could give some input to the law proposal so that investors could be drawn.

Majority of the Special of Economic Exclusive Zone [KEK] highly appreciated the courage of the Governor of Bengkulu Agusrin in driving the Province of Bengkulu to become a Free Economic Zone. The Governor of Benkulu Agusrin urged the Parliament to set up the Province of Bengkulu as Free Trade Zone.

Aguarin stated that he would set up an integrated team to lobby the Minister of Trade to make Bengkulu a center of the world trade, relying on commodities like rubber and coal. According to the Parliament, the Province of Bengkulu was one of the provinces to be prioritized as exclusive economic zone. There were three locations which would be the heartbeat of the exclusive zone, i.e. the Pulai Baai harbour, the Linau Bintuhan Harbour and the Engano. Even without the exclusive zone project, the Government of Bengkulu would continue to build the Pulau Baai harbour, the Linau harbour and the railway. A contract had been signed with the PT Batu Bara Bukit Asam to transport coal by train to Pulau Baai Harbour for exporting.

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