Friday, 5 June 2009

Minister of State-Owned Enterprise urged to Settle Senamanenek Land Dispute with PT PN V

The Commission IV of House of Parliament urged Minister of State-Owned Enterprise to explain the case of land dispute of Senamanenek with PT PN IV. Before that Deputy of the State Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Agus Pakpaha, President Director of PT PN Irwan Djuned, Office of Kampar Plantation of the Riau Province, Community figures and Village Chief Alwi Arifin had signed Job Assignment Document [SKP] for Evaluating Asset on land covering 2,800 Ha. This was disclosed at the Technical Meeting of Commission IV of Parliament with Minister of State Owned Enterprise Sofyan Djalil led by Vice Chairman of Commission Muhidin M Said at the meeting room of Commission IV of Parliament.

The same matter was disclosed by Muhammad Tonas, who saw that the case had remained unsettled for two years. According to Tonas, the Senamanenek land was not owned by PT PN V and this was confirmed by a letter of the National Land Board [BPN] This was necessary to be explained by State Minister of BUMN whereby to settle the dispute properly. Efforts of settlement had been endeavored to the maximum by all parties but transfer of authority of the land/Ulayat land covering 2,800 ha had never been realized up till now.

Meanwhile member of Commission VI of Parliament Chairul Anwar Lubis confirmed that the Senamanenek land had been taken over by PTPN V. He urged State Minister of BUMN to explain the matter which had remained unsettled for 2 years by the State Minister of BUMN.

Responding to that case, State Minister BUMN Sofyan Djalil explained that the State Ministry of BUMN had been very serious about settling the Senamanenek land dispute. According to Djalil the problematic thing was the status of Utility Rights [HGU] because the land had been regarded as asset of PT PN V. He elaborated that to exclude a state asset from the Government’s document in order to release it to the public called for a certain procedure, but because the procedure had not been applicable he would write a letter to the court to ask for an official declaration, or the National Land Board would make the declaration.

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