Friday, 5 June 2009

IOSA Certificate, Pre-requirement for Flying to Uni Europe

National and international airlines planning to fly to Uni Europe zones would have to meet new standard of requirements, i.e. to obtain an international standard certificate from the IATA [International Air Transport Association] and Operational Certificate or IOSA. The requirements were made to select entries of foreign airline companies to Uni Europe.

According to the Director General of Air Transportation, the requirements include mandatory rule for foreign airlines flying to UE zone to equip their crew with international certificate and certificate from local authorities. In addition to that foreign airlines must obtain certificate from the IATA or IATA Operation Audit [IOSA] – although it was not explicitly mentioned that in spite of having passed the IOSA, qualification, the final decision was still in the hands of UE.

Obviously the new regulation would make it difficult for national airlines to fly into UE zones. All of the application of the said rules would be selected by EASA as authority of civil aviation of Europe which represented 27 member states of UE.

All these qualifications posed as a problem to national airlines because internal safety control was admittedly still not strict enough, so it often occurred that many aircrafts in operation were not in top safety condition, inferiorities and inadequacy were often tolerated here and there which would certainly ignore passengers safety.

To illustrate, this was experienced by BUMN airlines, Garuda Indonesia who wished to open an air route to Amsterdam must obtain landing permit from the civil aviation authority of the Netherlands. In addition to that, Garuda were required to apply to EASA as aviation authority of Europe who would authorize on behalf of UE member states.

The new requirements set forth by UE would be effective by April 2012, therefore national airlines like Garuda still had the time to use the period of transition to obtain landing permit based on the old regulation. The same applied to other national airlines who planned to fly into UE zones, might benefit from the old rule. Meanwhile UE within the near future would announce the names of national airlines which would be excluded from the list of flight prohibition, by June 2009.
Meanwhile Garuda Indonesia was ready to start a flight to Amsterdam, as soon as the UE restrictions were withdrawn. Although it would take only 1 to 2 months to prepare for flying to Amsterdam, Garuda might take time to use A330-20 to cover Jakarta-Amsterdam with stopoverin Dubai in Uni Emirate Arab. In this very year 2009 Garuda would add to its fleet four Airbus 330-20 to carry out international flight routes to Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney.

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