Tuesday, 30 June 2009

PERTAMINA Plans to Stop Import of Oil Fuel by 2017

PT Pertamina Persero planned to halt import of oil fuel by 2017. By that time, a number of new Pertamina processing plants would be in operation to meet local need for oil.

The need for oil in 2017 would reach 1,612 MPBD. This need would fulfilled by domestic plants with the capacity of 1,503 MPBD – and the rest would be covered by the alternative energy.

According to the Director of Processing Pertamina Rukmi Hadiartini, this was based on the assumption that the program of biofuel [BBN] was well underway. There were already solar fuel from coal gasification also coal liquefaction, and other alternative energy programs.

A number of Pertamina energy producing plan presently underway were:
- Revamping FCCU plant at the capacity of 20,5 MBSD which was planned to be readyand to start operation by 2012.
- RFCC Cilacap at the capacity of 62 MBSD which was planed for the operation in 2013.
- Bottom Upgrading Balikpapan at the capacity of 40 MBSD which was planed for operation in 2014.
- The Cilacap Blue Sky Project at the capacity of 19 MBSD to be operational by 2014.
- The Banten Plan Project at the capacity of 150 MBSD to be completed and operational by 2015.

- The East Java at the capacity of 200 MBSD planned for operation in 2007.

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