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Desk Diaspora Indonesia is sure that a minimum investment of USD 10 billion will be disbursed by Indonesian-born entrepreneurs, Iwan and Nisin Sunito. The two brothers who had been successful in property business in Australia, have been committed. So that the momentum of the third Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) in Jakarta becomes an acceleration of investment in Indonesia. “The commitment has been announced since the second CID (at JCC, Jakarta). The investment is consistent with their business in Australia, i.e. property developers. We cannot ensure investment commitments from other diasporas, “Wahid Supriyadi, head of Indonesian Diaspora Desk told Business News (August 10).

Iwan and Nisin Sunito are brothers, Indonesian diasporas who have nationalism. Founders of information technology company, Marvell Company in California, United States, were born in Indonesia. “Marvell Company in cooperation with Foxconn Taiwan is recorded as a foreign investment. But the founders of Marvell were born in Indonesia. Since many Indonesia diasporas are successful abroad, it will be recorded. We will create a database of Indonesian diasporas. The government provides convenience for visa applications for the diasporas who had not been listed.”

Additionally, CID III accelerates the development of creative economy sector in Indonesia. So that the momentum of the presence of famous film producer and director, Zheng Livi, leads to creative economy, especially cinema. It is also in accordance with the plan of President Joko Widodo regarding follow-up creative development. President Jokowi stated that economic development does not have to be head-to-head (frontal) with competitor countries. Suppose that the manufacturer and automotive industry countries, such as Japan and Germany, are far more superior than Indonesia. So the strategy to win the competition is not frontal, but is looking for more potential loopholes and prospective. “The President said that Indonesia’s national industry does not have to compete head-on with countries with a much more advanced technology, including automotive. But creativity-based industries based on human resources can be an alternative of natural resources, are suitable for our economic development.”

CID III entitled “Bakti Bangsa Diaspora” is more real. Therefore, CID participants will visit Serang, West Java, which becomes a concentration of former TKI (Indonesian migrant workers) in the formal sector. CID will meet with former migrant workers, and organize training program. The program will increase the skills of migrant workers when stationed abroad. “During this time, there are many workers who work in the informal sector. We want to direct them to the formal sector. This effort is in accordance with the development of the labor sector.”

CID, since the first one in Los Angeles, USA, has been planning the concept of invitation to return home (to Indonesia). So that the diasporas born in Indonesia, both who have become foreign citizens or who remained Indonesian citizens, will be brazing Indonesian nationalism. “The diasporas, whether of Chinese, Arab, and Indian descendants, who were born in Indonesian nationalism.”

Since the first CID in Los Angeles, United States to the third in Jakarta, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the diasporas to return Indonesia. The situation is different now than in the 1960 – 1980’s. formerly, when an Indonesian became a foreign citizen, he or she was considered as not having nationalism. So, many foreign citizens who were former Indonesian citizens, were hiding. They are worried that they would be excluded or not allowed to return to Indonesia, are considered diasporas. For example, Siauw Tiong Djin, Livi Zheng (producer, director, background writer, and actress born in Malang East Java, who lived in the United States, remained an Indonesian nationalist.)”.

Wahid hoped that his friend in Melbourne, Australia, Tiong Siauw Djin, can be present in CID III in Jakarta (August 12 to 14). Tiong Siauw Djin, the youngest son of Siauw jade Tjhan (Figure of BAPERKI Indonesia), is still very strong with Indonesian nationalism. Although he has become an Australian citizen, he still has Indonesian nationalism. “He’s my friend, and I know him when I served at the Consulate General in Melbourne. At that time, when there were demonstrations in from of the Consulate General related to the May 1998 riots, Siauw Tiong Din quelled the anger of the demonstrators in front of the Consulate General.” (E)

Business New - August 12, 2015

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