Thursday, 10 December 2015


The Minister of Finance Bambang Sumatri Brodjonegoro rated that on the overall Indonesia’s economy was today still well and good and under control. The statement was made on the basis of assessment of Q II presented after the meeting conducted by the FKSSK Forum in Jakarta on Thursday (13/8).

The meeting held at the Ministry of Finance office, beside being attended by the Minister of Finance was also attended by the Ministry of Economy Darmin Nasution, Chairman if OJK Muliaman D. Hadad, Governor of BI Agus Martowardojo, and Chairman of the Board of Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) Heru Budiargo. “In a situation of today it is necessary to hold FKSSK meeting. The moment was significant with the presence of Darmin Nasution as new Minister of Economy. Based on assessment of Q II economy was still under control”, the FKSSK meeting concluded.

Furthermore the Minister of Finance stated that in responding to global economy, FKSSK agreed to maintain Rupiah stability, as Rupiah was today being undervalued. “Stability of the financial system is still well maintained. Outcome of the Surveilance Indicator was still under control. FGKSSK would stay on the alert,” he said.

Furthermore the Minister of Finance stated that Indonesia’s economy climate was governed by global economy especially when China was devaluating their Yuan. “The influencing factor is more on the external” So this was a combination between external factor and low wmitent’s performance. For that matter FKSSK agreed to take sound measures.” He said.

To cushion shocks, the Minister said, the FKSK team was focused on maintaining Rupiah exchange rate value in accordance with national fundamental economy. Accordingly BI would stay on guard at the market to protect Rupiah. “In preventing Rupiah weakening, FKSSK had the commitment to forward JPSK Bill to the Parliament. The Government had also forwarded the JPSK Bill to the Parliament had also forwarded the JPSK Bill to the Parliament. FKSSK is optimistic Semester 2 would be better,” the Minister concluded. (SS)

Business News - August 19, 2015

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