Tuesday, 1 December 2015


The Government was serious about developing tourism, this water based tourism was one of the types of tourism prioritized to be developed from 2015 to 2019. Data of the Ministry of Tourism had it that marine tourism constituted 35% of tourism types to be developed from 2015 to 2019. Marine tourism had even been declared as a premium program in national tourism development. The Ministry of Tourism had focused tourism development on swimming, snorkeling, skin-diving, surfing waterskling and yacht sailing.

According to the Ministry of Tourism Arief Yahya on Tuesday (4/8), development of marine tourism in Indonesia today was still way below the maximum potential in terms of forex income. Minister Arief said that Marine Tourism only contributed 10% of the total income from tourism or equal to USD 1 billion.

And so was the number of foreign tourists, they constituted only 10% or equel to 1 million pax of total incoming tourists in 2014. Arief disclosed that of that number 60% were coastal zone visitors; 25% wide sea sailors (cruise, speedboat, yacht) and 15% underwater explorers like snorkeling and skin diving.

Arief said that the condition was regretful. He said that the potential of marine tourism in Indonesia was enormous. An archipelago of 17, 504 islands and coastline 95,182 km long, Indonesia’s potential was the greatest. The Government aimed to increase income from tourism by fourfold in 2019.

In developing marine tourism, the Government was engaged with PT Pelni shipliner. The collaboration was fostered by signing of MoU by the two parties at the Kelud motor boat at Tanjung Priok harbor Jakarta. This activities included procurement of ships, crew and Marina, promotion of marine products, mapping out of sail destinations, development of human resources, provision of data and information, product branding and promotion, under the theme of Wonderful Indonesia.

Arief supported the effort of PT Pelni who was promoting their products by the name of “Seven PELNI tourist destination of Blue Tourist 2015.” Launched sometime ago. The masterplan included tour packages to Marine tourism centers in Indonesia like Labuan Bajo – Takabonerate Wakatobi Bunaken-Togian/Tomini, Bunaken Morotai Raja Ampat, Banda Naira, Derawan, Karimun Jawa and Anambas. Of the to Karimun Jawa” tour on July 18-20 2015.

The Ministry of Tourism set target for Marine Tourism to coin forex reserves up to USD 4 billion by make USD 1 billion. The Ministry of Tourism planned to develop 8 strategic zones as initial step this year.

Besides the Government planned to build 100 Marinas, 10 cruise seaports that could accommodate 800 calls and designate 45 destination places for skin diving and snorkeling. In the first year Arief said, 25 destinations for skin diving would be developed in addition to development of some Marina in some regions which enable 750 ships to anchor. (SS)

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