Tuesday, 1 December 2015


The Coordinating Board of Investment (BKPM) launched a Marketing Campaign for Investment in Japan (July 28-30, 2015). Head of BKPM Franky Sibarani stated that in the 3-day marketing campaign, he identified zealous investors to invest in Indonesia to the amount of USD 134.9 billion as expansion of existing amount and USD 507 million soon to come to Indonesia. This was disclosed by the Public Relations Dept of BKPM received on Monday (3/8).

Franky remarked further that expansion of existing investment included baby’s napkin USD 8.1 million, conveyor belt USD 54.2 million and wire harness USD 72.6 million. meanwhile investment to come to Indonesia consisted of seaweed processing industry USD 2 million, automotive components USG 2.5 million, electricity USD 500 million, and broiler industry USD 2,5 million.. this was indeed most heartening, because Japanese investors never lose interest in investing in Indonesia.

Franky was optimistic that the investments proposed to BKPM could be realized. He reffered to the ratio of Japan’s investment against their investment plan through 2005 – 2014 which cme to 62.5%. Franky said that if the investment plan could be realized there was potential of direct employment of 10,475 people, consisting of automotive 10,000 people, baby napkin industry 220 people, conveyor belt industry 100 people, seaweed processing 55 people and boiler industry 100 people.

BKPM was striving to promote quality investment in Indonesia where investment could increase employment, jack up export and save forex reserves by substituting import. BKPM noted that from 2010 to Semester 1 2015 realization of Japan’s investment in Indonesia was posted at USD 13.68 billion, the second biggest next Singapore. In the past 5 years, Japan’s investment in Indonesia was in transportation equipment industry and other transport 53%; metal, machineries and electronics (17%) chemistry and pharmaceuticals 7%, food and textile 4% respectively. Realization of Japan’s investment in Indonesia in Semester 1 2015 was Rp.19.72 trillion, an increase against investment in Semester 1 2014 amounting to Rp.16.19 trillion. (SS)

Business New - August 7, 2015

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