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A Singapore based EO company in Singapore intended to grab momentum of President Joko Widodo’s Maritime Vision. This was in tandem with staging of a Mega Expo and Technological Conference on Ventilation and Heater Equipment. The displayed products was related to environment, ecology and contractor for various sectors. “Indonesia’s market for ventilation products, heaters etc is prospective and booming, and the infra structure is condusive  to application of those products. Our expo, is directly or indirectly related to President Joko Widodo’s maritime vision,” Pasang Sherpa, Industrial and Maritime Division Informa Exhibitions disclosed to Business News [24/10].

In view of the rich potentials, many manufacturing companies from abroad were aiming at Indonesia’s market. For certain types of products, consumption level in Indonesia was highest in Southeast Asia. Ventilation products like AC ranked highest in terms of marketing at home in Indonesia. While related products like pumps, valves, filters and air purifiers were the product chain for air conditioning.

“Through this exhibition which would talk place in Jakarta on October 28 – 30, we are optimistic about market response. We aim at some contractor companies and distributors who had been active in ventilation industry. For the Maritime industry, there are some products related to cooling or purification system or air filters”

Apparently energy development in Indonesia was drifting more toward the vision of sustainability as indicated by skyscrapers buildings or residential now were getting more green orientated. Now the global trend for technology and manufacturing industry were more adjusted to best practices in environmental conservation. “We see the vision and we introduce relevant technology at the exhibition”

Meanwhile the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery [KKP] saw that the pursuit of good resiliency especially sufficiency in fish protein consumption was in parallel with increasing state’s forex reserves. The amount was not ignorable. Fish supplied 58% of animal protein in Indonesia. Fish consumption level was posted at 35 kg/per capita in 2013. The target set was 38 kg per capita in 2014. Fish could be the main supporter to nutrition resiliency of the people in urban areas, villages and remote regions. “Procurement of animal protein could rely on fishery” Director General of P2HP of KKP Saut P.Hutagalung disclosed to Business News [23/10].

Export of fishery products in 2013 was posted at USD 4.18 billion. With APBN State Budget 2013 at Rp6 trillion forex reserves potential came to Rp46 trillion. This was the impact of effort in fishery industry. Trade balance in fishery trading had always increased to around USD 10 billion in 2019.

With better management, Indonesia could concentrate effort on increasing added value in fishery industry. Consistent effort could be the key factor to promoting production output to around 40 million tons of fish in 2019. Development of maritime industrial centers in Special Economic Zone [KEK], National Strategic Zone, Nusantara Bonded Warehouse [KIBN] and Maximizing function of islands should be prioritized. Secondly firm and consistent action was needed to be obey the obligation to process catch at home. “Enforcement of Finishing Law must be well coordinated with the   Navy, Sea Police, and Customs Officials”

The above effort, through development of logistics system and efficient sea transportation would of jack up income of coastal communities. Life of around 11,5 million fisherman families and fish cultivators processors and traders, who were all small business [UKM] were concentrated in small islands.

The Ministry of KKP facilitated and stimulated development of SLIN in accordance with Regulation of the Ministry of KP No 5 /2014 especially on initial phase of development. In the future it was expected that the bussinesworld would enhance their role to expand Slin to finance making of cold storage and facilitate sailing service. “The Government would focus attention more on formulating policies supportive to incentive giving policy. In far flung or isolated islands which were less attractive to investors, the Government would take over could storage building  projects needed by fishermen.” (SS)

Business News - October 29, 2014

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