Thursday, 11 December 2014


The Ministry of Trade was determined to continue revitalization program for traditional markets with target of 1,000 units per year and 5,000 units for the next 5 years. The program would be coordinated with related ministries, i.e. the Ministry of Cooperatives and small Business [kemenkop] “We will study the management system including logistics. During sudden inspection at night in marketplaces I saw vegetable carrier trucks operating. I calculate the cost of each delivery” Trade Minister Rahmat Gobel told Business News [4/11].

The Minister of Trade expected that revitalization of traditional markets would have their positive impact on domestic supply.

Traditional markets must give more room for domestic fruits and vegetables than imported ones. The Kramat Jati Central Market had been accommodating imported goods and vegetables. “In the next 2 or 3 year building expenses will increase. The marketplace would accommodate domestic supply not just 9 essential need but also other markets or submarkets.”

Mushrooming hawkers and vendors around traditional markets was the side effect of overcrowded marketplace, so the Government would scheme up zoning system for hawkers in marketplaces. The Ministry of Trade noted there were around 5,000 hawkers at the Central Market, while legal traders who occupy permanent kiosk numbered only around 2,500. “Soon before revitalization there should be well arranged and orderly zones.”

Traditional trading activities in markets was part of the masterplan to increase export target up to 300%. One of the Ministry’s slogan was “keep working for 48 hours”. The first action was to do sudden inspection at Kramat Jati Central Makret midnight [1/11]. “I grab the momentum. In the morning I would be busy so I inspect at night to watch all activities.”

The Kramat Jati Central Market was the biggest central market for vegetables. The activities was full 24 hours including loading unloading and storing. The Trade Minister admitted he had to analyze all hindrance factors to loading-unloading, logistics etc. “for example trucks carrying rice, they could not return empty. They had to carry other goods on return trip. Or else cost would be high but many trucks returned empty handed from Kramat Jati.”

Meanwhile Ministry of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman would help out managing distribution chain. So far trade activities stagnated between farmers and traders in the market. “Price lifters are not only brokers but also transportation system and many other factors.” Amran told Business News [3/11]

By early November, there was no price increase of 9 basic essential need. The Ministry of Agriculture enhanced illumination for traditional markets especially in terms of marketing, especially packaging. This was part of the jargon to increase added value to national product. “I am sure that if fruits and vegetables were well packaged they could penetrate modern markets. I tried the Bali lemon, its vety sweet. All we need to do is to warp it up nicely and the price could be increased and it would motivate farmers to enhance planting.” (SS)

Business News - November 7, 2014

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