Thursday, 11 December 2014


Maritime sector is any of the leading programs of JOKOWI-JK Cabinet that takes the center of public attention. If measures taken by the Ministry of maritime and Fishery are observed thoroughly, there is a strong commitment to turning the condition that JOKOWI disclosed in his speech in MPR building on October 20,2014, from “ignoring sea” to “exploring sea”.

Taking firm and fast measure to minimize illegal fishing by foreign fisherman in cooperation with countries, enforcing moratorium in the licensing of large-scale ships, discontinuation of transshipment, moratorium of fishing licensing by foreign fishermen and ships and cancellation of Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS) project are policies reflecting the strong commitment of JOKOWI-JK administration to exploring sea.

In line with it, the style of Minister of KKP Susi Pudjiastuti, which is flexible and full confident as well as brings an expectation that the obsession of the government could materialize lays down a strong foundation for the development of the maritime sector in the future in the framework of developing Indonesia to become a global maritime axis. Moreover, the inspiring issue is the birth of coordination and synergy in the Work Cabinet.

The administration just started to work so that it’s difficult to judge the performance of the regime. However, great work should start by measures believable to escort to the goal. It is a conclusion we could make in relations to the ruling administration. Here, we want to disclose that JOKOWI-JK administration is challenged to realize its obsession and promise and for the purpose, we ready to give inputs, monitor the execution of administration and put critical notes in the case of irregularity being found.

The decision of the government to discuss efforts to prevent illegal fishing in Indonesia waters with ambassadors of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Filipina, Australia and China constitutes a very good and strategic measure because the illegal fishing is partly executed by citizens of the neighboring countries. The measure may be called as the actualization of maritime diplomacy which constitutes an important part of strategy of economic diplomacy of the government. If we have a limited capacity to guard our sea to prevent it from thieves, we may prevent the prospective thieves committing their actions as from their countries by using the hand of their own governments.

Besides preventing foreign elements from coming into the country to steal maritime resources, domestic affairs also need to be improved. Moratorium of the licensing of large-scale ships is an example. The measures have uncovered the screen of mysteries that public have not known do far in relations to management of maritime resources which have not contributed adequately to the state. The instruction of President JOKOWI to discontinue transshipment in the sea and moratorium of the licensing of fishing by foreign fisherman and ships concurrently emphasize that the sea exploring policy should ascertain the increase in income of the state. Even, President JOKOWI has promised to promote Indonesian waters as the safest place for the whole maritime activities in the world. For the purpose, the government would guarantee security and safety of se transportation executed by communities and business communities.

Conclusively, in view of breakthroughs taken the government in the weeks, JOKOWI-JK administration has launched a number of important and promising measures. Hopefully, the commitment to promoting Indonesia to become global maritime axis could materialize.

Business News - November 12, 2014

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