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The Coordinating Minister of Economy saw there was a gap between absorption of manpower and realization of investment in Indonesia so he was fully concerned about crystallization of the Mental Revolution concept of President Joko Widodo. “We have made discussions at length with Minister Sofyan Djalil. We are changing mindset, attitude and behavior based on the mindset revolution initiated by President Joko Widodo, that leaders should be on the frontier instead of being mere followers. Or else manpower absorption would keep declining. “Edy Putra Irawady Deputy of Industry ands Trade of the Coordinating Ministry told Business News [11/11].

Economic growth did not automatically increase manpower absorption. Over the past 10 years, Indonesia’s economic growth rate was not bad, around 5% - 5.2% compared to intensive investment. Industrial activities had been quite massive and widely spread, but the two indicators did not automatically jack up workforce absorption. “The ration of national economy against labor widens.”

The Ministry showed a vivid example. Indonesia as second largest natural rubber producer next to Thailand should intensify rubber processing industry. “Supposedly natural rubber was absorbed and jack up national economy, bid it do not. The industry tend to change to synthetic rubber.

A condition as such called for crystallization of the Mental Revolution Concept initiated by President Joko Widodo. Challenges must be faced as the Indonesian young generation, especially students and beginner businesspeople started to approach critical point.”We should not be mere workers and this is most important. We open the eyes of the young generation that there are many projects where brainwave is needed, not just manufacturing industry using natural rubber but also energy, electricity and oil and gas.”

One of a businessline of unique characteristics was a provider of information for tender services. A company in this field was not directly functioning as consultant, contractor or supplier but offered access to information. This line of business was playing grater role in the process of globalization. Especially during application of AEC 2015 they were getting even more important. A project in oil gas, for instance was a matter of risk, technology and capital. We already had financial bridging bodies like the LPEI Bank Import Export under the Ministry of Finance All lines of business needed information,”

Very frequently companies of various business lines obtained information from foreign investors. “This is beyond expectation”

Information for tender in power plant project was also getting widely needed, considering the difficulty afield, so the role of information provider companies was getting more needed in Indonesia, such as in construction business for oil and gas industry. “A company like Tender Indonesia could unveil a wide would not just be the same player, new players would enter the market.”

Tender information was more than just a matter of opportunity, but hard work. This line of business was not fully reliant on human resource factor. A project in infra-structure for instance, included many phase of processing including feasibility study, detailed construction etc. Indonesia must take the lead instead of just being follower of foreign players. “We should not be mere workers, broker of sub contractor but we should be the main contractor of chief consultant, because business opportunity is there. We should appreciate Mr. Tito’s initiative”

PT Tender Indonesia enhanced connections with various institutions, government or private. Information for the electricity, pl gas telecommunication, amd petro chemical sectors were widely outspreading. Even in the near future, the voice over of presenters would be in Mandarin speaking of Tender Indonesia disclosed to Business News [11/11].

Tender Indonesia had opened the e-learning program, so professionals did not have to meet face to face in brainstorming process. The e-learning format also enable professionals to learn intensively and interact with counterparts afield. “We are concerned about learning process and access is getting easier. And who knows President Joko Widodo might access.”

Today there were 177 corporate in oil-gas, miner, electricity, telecom, and infra structure already programmed in the system and soon Tender Indonesia would even probe on decorative fish business which was highly prospective. The Ministry of Maritime an fishery was even actively mobilizing stakeholders in display fish exporting. “I will promote decorative fish business and even take the initiative to hold a bout it in the near future.”

Tender Indonesia would expose more information through website more than 1,000 information data were available to be exposed each day. To have access, companies must first be an annual member i.e. premium, gold and platinum. By Gold package members could access information of projects and obtain promotion facilities and services. (SS)

Business News - November 14, 2014

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