Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Chairman of Commission VI of House Airlangga Hartarto on this technical visit to Indonesia Harbor III [Pelindo III] stated that as BUMN, Pelindo II was demanded to assure smooth traffic of goods at Tanjung Perak Harbor Surabaya; moreover AEC would start to begin by next year. In the future to anticipate free trading and application of Law no 17/2008 on Sailing, it became a challenge for Pelindo II whose core business was to manage harbors with important mission to speed up cargo traffic. House Public Relations disclosed on Monday [8/9].

He further stated that his technical visit to Pelindo III was to check how ready BUMN was to ensure smooth traffic of goods through Tanjung Perak harbor Surabaya and surrounding. The point was that harbors were the gateway for cargo moving in and out of Indonesia to keep the process rolling. Besides the technical visit was meant to control management process of BUMN. The visit was continued to Multi Purpose Terminal at Teluk Lamong [TMTL] and PT PAL.

Data of BPS obtained on Monday [8/9] disclosed that through January-July 2014 the volume of sea cargo at home was posted at 132.7 million tons, an increase of 6.76% against same period of 2013. Increase of cargo was posted in Makassar harbor 13.40%. on the contrary the volume of goods shipped at Tanjung Priok harbor dropped by 16.33#, Balikpapan down by 16.19%, Tanjung Perak down by 13.56% and Panjang down by 12.67%.

In July 2014 the volume of cargo shipped was posted at 19.6 million tons or down by 0.82% against previous months. Downturn of goods shipped was posted at Panjang harbor [53.66%], Tanjung Perak [23.32%], Tanjung Priok [21.15%] and Balikpapan [1.26%] On the contrary at Makassar harbor the volume of cargo shipped bu 4.54%.

Meanwhile through January-July 2014 the number of sea passengers was posted at 7.3 million passengers, an increase by 72.14% against same period the year before. Increasing number of passengers was posted in Makassar harbor posted at 39.80%, Tanjung Perak 29.32% and Belawan 3.98%. On the contrary the number of passengers in Balikpapan harbor dropped by 33.93%, and Tanjung Priok harbor dropped by 12.04%.

In July 2014 the number of passengers for sea transportation was posted at 1.2 million people – an increase of 14.12% against the month before. Increasing number of passengers was posted in Makassar harbor up by 102.07%, Tanjung Priok 84.21%, Belawan 20,00 %. Tanjung Perak 9,95% and Balikpapan 5.29%. increased number of sea transportation passengers was on account of “home for Lebaran rush” in 2014. (SS)

Business News - September 12, 2014

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