Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Replanting movement which was promoted by the Ministry of Forestry was more than just tree planting but to pursue high economic value. The public were asked to plant trees of high economic value like Jati Teakwood, Mahony, Jabon and Senggon. Hilman Nugroho, Dir. Gen. of Riverbank Management and Social Forestry, Ministry of Forestry made this statement.

Even the seeds must be taken from certified nursery centers; this was to ensure that the quality of tree was good. High quality food could sell at high price.

Besides, productivity was high and growing time was short. Sengon trees which used to be harvested in 6-7 years only in 5-6 years. Price of seed which was Rp. 300 – Rp. 1,000 per tree would become Rp. 300,000 per tree.

Farmers who planted for reforestation were insisted to farm farmer groups and be engaged in partnership with the wood industry. The objective was to ensure harvest and the price would be reasonable.

Through 2010 – 2013 the total area of forest being part of partnership program was 136,466.72 ha in Java and 76,920.29 ha in outside Java. The supply included 23 million m3 of logs or 46% of national demand.

Around 1.3 million ha of people ha people’s forest were reforested covering an area of 423,709 ha un Java and 356,873 ha in Sumatra. People’s seeding nursery were managed by famers’ group with Government’s aid amounting to Rp. 50 million per group. Today there were already 59 million of seeds being distributed for free. (SS)

Business News - August 22, 2014

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