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The current global market trends lead to environmentally friendly products. This is an opportunity that should be anticipated and benefited by the national industry. Because, it can increase exports and can act as a fortress against the entry of imported products. Currently, the demand for environmentally friendly products (green products) becomes an increasingly important and strategic issue to increase competitiveness.

Environmentally friendly products can be produced through the application of green industry concept. Starting from the procurement and use of environmentally friendly machinery or technology as well as effective waste management. Green industry is an industry icon that must be understood and implemented, namely an industry which, in the production process, implements efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources in a sustainable manner.

Riza Suarga, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN Indonesia), in Jakarta, on Monday (August 11), considered that the industry must continue to improve production, but at the same time is expected to be more concerned about environmental sustainability. He said that the release of government regulation on toxic and hazardous waste (B3) management must be accepted in order to ensure the sustainability of the national economy as a whole.

He said that KADIN Indonesia wants to make sure that the industry is responsible for the sake of the sustainable of their businesses, and so far it looks like that the industry is ready. According to him, KADIN Indonesia will not protect businesses that do not comply with this rule. In facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the industry should not only be competing through their product, but also through production process mechanism that prioritizes sustainable development.

Riza welcomed the efforts of the Ministry of Industry who starts to implement green industry in 2015. It is explained that the idea to create eco-friendly industry is due to global warming. Consequently, this requires change in human activity to environmentally friendly activity. This is irrespective of the condition of non-renewable natural resources which are increasingly depleted. Also, it is part of an effort to reduce global warming and increase competitiveness.

He is also concerned that businesses, which aim to promote the welfare of mankind, are damaging the environment. Because of this, he invited the entrepreneurs to increase environmental awareness.

The world economy, which is growing rapidly, brings new world economic powers, like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), so they are able to compete with the United States and Europe.

As a result, these countries compete to boost their economies. China, for example, has a great demand for coal to sustain its industrial activity. As a result, the achievement of target of forest and air sustainable is disturbed, not according to the expectations of the Kyoto Protocol. Additionally, there is social inequality, the gap between the rich and the unemployed is increasingly large. It was feared to create social upheaval. “We hope that entrepreneurs can pay attention to sustainable development.” Riza said.

Meanwhile, Secretal-General of the Ministry of Industry, Ansari Bukhari, said that government needs a governing law for the development of industrial sector. Because the government will have a major role industrial development, such as infrastructure. By doing so, the national industry is not just handed over to market mechanism.

Ansari said that the development of the global economy requires environmental preservation efforts. It certainly needs to be addressed by the industry sector, so it is compatible with environmental conservation efforts. In addition, there should be an optimal utilization of natural resources, and processing of local natural resources need to be developed. Furthermore, there should be an increase of the role and direct involvement of the government. This is necessary to support the development of national industry, especially strategic industrial sectors. (E)

Business New - August 13, 2014

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