Tuesday, 30 September 2014


The Government encouraged the provinces to step up their export performance. Today java was still the locomotive on national economic growth. The Government seemed to underestimate the potential of the regions which were in fact more abundant in natural resources.

In the future, provinces should be the centers of inclusive and sustainable economic growth. The provinces must step up their industry performance by enhancing downstreaming of industry whereby to increase added value to their products.

The Director General of National Export Development [GEN] of the Ministry of Trade Nuz Nuzullia Iskak stated in Jakarta on Friday [5/9] asked the regions to foster synergy with the Central Government toward meeting export target this year. Nus stated that coordination between central and local Governments could jack up performance of both parties.

Nuz promised to promote industrial developments in all provinces in Indonesia, whereby the regions could become centers of industry and development. Noteworthy was the role of creative industry sector where products could use raw green competent as raw materials whereby to strengthen competitiveness. It was also important to enhance branding strategy for global marketing.

To drum up investors, it was necessary to establish favorable business climate and good supporting environment such as sound infra structure for better national logistics system, simplification of permit application procedures, offering of incentives, and corruption eradication. Infra structure building included: housing, electrification, clean water reservoir, sanitation etc.

In 2014, the Ministry of Trade had set up target for national export growth by 4.1% worth USD 190 billion, including non oil-gas export 2014 by 5,5% - 6%. The growth projection consisted of : market category, main products and prospective products and other non oil & gas products. The Ministry of Trade reported that national export of oil-gas of January-June 2014 was posted at USD 73.14 billion, down by 2.14% against that of some period in 2013 at USD 74.70 billion.

Meanwhile KADIN Indonesia and the Ministry of Trade were striving to jack up export development activities of the region to minimize deficit in trade balance. According to Safari Azis, Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Ventura Capital and Alternative Payment, The Government and businessplayers must synergize to promote export of premium products whereby to contribute to economic growth.

Safari stated that now every province must be more ready to face AEC 2015. The Government’s support must be focused on competitiveness, small and medium business was no exception. (SS) 

Business News - September 10, 2014         

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