Tuesday, 23 September 2014


The Ministry of Trade [Kemendag] claimed they had succeeded in overcoming various obstacles including Non Tariff Measures [NTM’s] and cases of Black Campaign so the Ministry planned to firstly ‘diagnose’ the problem “Firstly I must find out what is really going on in that export destination country. We must be aware that technical regulations are getting more complicated and has the potential to hindrance our export”. The Director General of National Export [PEN] Nus Nurzulla disclosed to Business News [15/8].

An example was Galletas Juanita Mexico which has already MoU for Indonesian coffee which Kemendag was moct concerned about. Other Latin American states like Brazil, Colombia were part of our export development target. Latin America was a non traditional market of which Brazil served as export gateway. “We have learned from experience when there was obstacle to Indonesian CPO products and by products. Indonesia’s CPO was rated as containing hazardous components dangerous for health”

Obstacles like that was nothing but black campaign by export destination countries in Uni Europe. When Deputy Minister of trade Bayu Krisnamurthi visited EU he met the related officials. “We launch counter campaign. Still in the future we would be facing more obstacles. A case like export of coffee to Mexico, the hindrance was regulation on labeling or rules on calorie content in products, time after time rules on labeling was getting tighter”

The Ministry of Trade supported export Promotion plan with tangible contribution. Many time before export staff of PEN invited potential buyers from abroad. This program only began in early 2014. PEN facilitated buyers hotel accommodation and transportation. “We also conducted factory visit and field checking We have invited 20 players of 20 businesspeople in processed food to participate at the International Food Fair” PEN had the Directorate of Export Operation who was in charge of solving export obstacles. (SS) 

Business News - August 20, 2014

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